Salat al-Janazat: Introduction
Salat al-Janaza is another practice the Sunni and the Shia'a differ about. The difference lies mostly in how many Takbeers the funeral prayer consists of. Is it four or Five or Six or Seven? In fact, even the companions disagreed about this. So the main objective of this chapter is to determine how many Takbeers Salat al-Janaza consist of.

There are many conflicting narrations in the Sunni books regarding this matter, just as we encountered when we covered the issue of Wudu' and Basmala and Muta'at al-Nisa' and other practices. Let's look at the narrations first, then determine if we can extract the authentic Sunnat of the prophet from a sea of conflicting reports.

In general, the majority of Ahlul Sunnat say that the number of Takbeers in the funeral prayer is four while the Shia'a have all said that it is actually five. In fact, all the Imams of Ahlul Bayt have concurred on this matter. So it seems like the number of Takbeers is either four or five.